What’s happening with Perl 6?

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What’s happening with Perl 6?,

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Is there any visible progress? Is it now just an academic exercise? Do you believe Perl will continue to evolve with or without Perl 6 or will soon be forgotten?


At the risk of sounding like a Perl fanboy, I’m still excited about Perl 6 and feel like the end result will be relevant when it’s released. The last nine months have yielded some nice accomplishments on the Parrot front () and have even resulted in some to help fund increased development.

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Rakudo currently supports arrays, hashes, classes, objects, inheritance, roles,
numeration types, subset types, role composition, multimethod dispatch, type checking, basic I/O, named regular expressions, grammars, optional parameters, named parameters, slurpy parameters, closures, smart match, junctions, and many other features expected from Perl 6.

Keep your eye on  (Rakudo is the name of the Perl 6 implementation built on top of Parrot) for news on the ongoing development process of Perl 6.

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