How to add a constant column when replicating a database?

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How to add a constant column when replicating a database?,

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I am using SQL Server 2000 and I have two databases that both replicate (transactional push subscription) to a single database. I need to know which database the records came from.

So I want to add a fixed column specified in the publication to my table so I can tell which database the row originated from.

How do I go about doing this?

I would like to avoid altering the main databases mostly due to the fact there are many tables I would need to do this to. I was hoping for some built in feature of replication that would do this for me some where. Other than that I would go with the view idea.

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You could use a calculated column Use the following on the two databases:

  ALTER TABLE TableName ADD      MyColumn AS 'Server1'  

Then just define the single “master” database to use a VARCHAR column (or whatever you want) that you fill using the calculated columns value.

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