Using Actionscript 3 to connect to a database

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Using Actionscript 3 to connect to a database,

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I’m looking for advice on how to dynamically create content in flash based on a database. Initially I was thinking that we would export the database to an XML file and use the built in Actionscript XML parser to take care of that, however the size of the XML file may prove prohibitive.

I have read about using an intermediary step (PHP, ASP) to retrieve information and pass it back as something that Actionscript can read, but I would prefer not to do that if possible. Has anyone worked with the libraries before? Or is there something else that I am missing?

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If you plan to deploy your flash content to a website, you should use some sort of backend – otherwise you would have a potential security problem. I use remoting with , it has worked out really well.

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