Scrum – How to get better input from the functional/commercial team

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Scrum – How to get better input from the functional/commercial team,

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We are a small team of 3 developers (2 experienced but new to this particular business sector) developing a functionally complex product. We’re using Scrum and have a demo at the end of each sprint. Its clear that the functional team have plenty of ideas but these are not well communicated to the development team and the demo poses more questions than answers.

Have you any recommendations for improving the the quality of input from the functional people?

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Further info: I think part of the problem is that there are no specs or User Stories as such. Personally I think they need to be writing down some sort of requirements – what sort of things should they be writing down and to what complexity given its an agile process?


Have you tried working with your customer to define / formulate acceptance tests?
Using something like Fit to come up with these tests – would result in better specs as well as force the customer to think about what is really required. The icing on the cake is instant-doc-executable specs at the end of this process.

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That is of course, if your customers are available and open to this approach. Give it a try!

If not (and that seems to be the majority – because it is less work) – calendar flash ’em – schedule meetings/telecons every week until they sing like canaries 🙂 +1 to Dana

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