E4X : Assigning to root node

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E4X : Assigning to root node,

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I am using Adobe Flex/Air here, but as far as I know this applies to all of JavaScript. I have come across this problem a few times, and there must be an easy solution out there!

Suppose I have the following XML (using e4x):

var xml:XML = foo  

I can change the contents of the example node using the following code:

xml.example = "bar";  

However, if I have this:

var xml:XML = foo  

How do i change the contents of the root node?

xml = "bar";  

Obviously doesn’t work as I’m attempting to assign a string to an XML object.

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It seems you confuse variables for the values they contain. The assignment

node = textInput.text;  

changes the value the variable node points to, it doesn’t change anything with the object that node currently points to. To do what you want to do you can use the setChildren method of the XML class:


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