Is there a Transformation engine or library using .NET?

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Is there a Transformation engine or library using .NET?,

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We’re looking for a Transformation library or engine which can read any input (EDIfact files, CSV, XML, stuff like that. So files (or webservices results) that contain data which must be transformed to a known business object structure.) This data should be transformed this to a existing business object using custom rules. XSLT is both to complex (to learn) and to simple (not enough features)

Can anybody recommend a C# library or engine? I have seen Altova MapForce but would like something I can send out to dozens of people who will build / design their own transformations without having to pay dozens of Altova licenses.

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If you think that XSLT is too difficult for you, I think you can try LINQ to XML for parsing XML files. It is integrated in the .NET framework, and you can use C# (or, if you use VB.NET 9.0, better because of the XML literals) instead of learning another language. You can integrate it with the existing application without much effort and withouth the paradigm mismatch between the language and the file management that occurs with XSLT.


Sure, it’s not a framework or library for parsing files, but neither XSLT is, so…

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