TFS vs open source alternatives?

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TFS vs open source alternatives?,

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We’re currently in the process of setting up a source control/build/and more-server for .NET development and we’re thinking about either utilizing the Team Foundation Server (which costs a lot of dough) or combining several open source options, such as SourceForge Enterprise/GForge and Subversion and and so on. Has anyone walked down the full blown OSS road or is it TFS only if you want to get it right and get to work soon?


My work is currently using a mostly OSS build process with Cruise Control as the engine and it is great. I would suggest that if you don’t know why you would need TFS, it’s probably not worth the cost.

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The thing you have to keep in mind with the OSS stuff is that the software has either been in use by the Java crew for years previously, or the software is a port of similar Java code. It is robust and is suitable for purpose.

Microsoft cannot ship OSS code, which is why they have to re-implement a lot of Open Source stuff. So, no, it is not necessary, and there have been millions of projects shipped on that stack. The flip side is that there is also a lot of nice features that you get with TFS that you won’t (easily) get with the OSS stack, such as integration with your bug/feature tracking software.

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