Comparing runtimes

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Comparing runtimes,

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I am trying to get some accurate runtime comparisons of PHP vs Python (and potentially any other language that I have to include). Timing within a script is not my problem but timing within a script does not account for everything from the moment the request is made to run the script to output.

1) Is it actually worth taking such things into account?

2) Assuming it is worth taking it into account, how do I do this?

I’m using a Mac so I’ve got access to Linux commands and I’m not afraid to compile/create a command to help me, I just don’t know how to write such a command.

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If your idea is to compare the languages, I’d say anything outside them is not relevant for comparison purposes.

Nonetheless you can use the time command to measure everything and can compare it with the timing within a script.

Like this:

$ time script.php  HI!    real    0m3.218s  user    0m0.080s  sys     0m0.064s  

It will give you clock time, user time (php interpreter) and sys time (OS time)

If you are thinking web, then it gets a lot harder because you would be mixing webserver overhead and that is not always easy to compare if, say, you are using WSGI v/s mod_php. Then you’d have to hook probes into the webserving parts of the chain as well

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