Reasons not to build your own bug tracking system

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Reasons not to build your own bug tracking system,

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Several times now I’ve been faced with plans from a team that wants to build their own bug tracking system – Not as a product, but as an internal tool.

The arguments I’ve heard in favous are usually along the lines of :

  • Wanting to ‘eat our own dog food’ in terms of some internally built web framework
  • Needing some highly specialised report, or the ability to tweak some feature in some allegedly unique way
  • Believing that it isn’t difficult to build a bug tracking system
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What arguments might you use to support buying an existing bug tracking system? In particular, what features sound easy but turn out hard to implement, or are difficult and important but often overlooked?


First, look at these metrics:

    Trac:  44 KLoC, 10 Person Years,   $577,003  Bugzilla:  54 KLoC, 13 Person Years,   $714,437   Redmine: 171 KLoC, 44 Person Years, $2,400,723    Mantis: 182 KLoC, 47 Person Years, $2,562,978  

What do we learn from these numbers? We learn that building Yet Another Bug Tracker is a great way to waste resources!

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So here are my reasons to build your own internal bug tracking system:

  1. You need to neutralize all the bozocoders for a decade or two.
  2. You need to flush some money to avoid budget reduction next year.

Otherwise don’t.

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