How to animate the command line?

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How to animate the command line?,

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I have always wondered how people update a previous line in a command line. a great example of this is when using the wget command in linux. It creates an ASCII loading bar of sorts that looks like this:

[======>                    ] 37%

and of course the loading bar moves and the percent changes, But it doesn’t make a new line. I cannot figure out how to do this. Can someone point me in the right direction?


One way to do this is to repeatedly update the line of text with the current progress. For example:

def status(percent):      sys.stdout.write("%3d%%r" % percent)      sys.stdout.flush()  

Note that I used sys.stdout.write instead of print (this is Python) because print automatically prints “rn” (carriage-return new-line) at the end of each line. I just want the carriage-return which returns the cursor to the start of the line. Also, the flush() is necessary because by default, sys.stdout only flushes its output after a newline (or after its buffer gets full).

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