iPhone browser tag and optimized web site

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iPhone browser tag and optimized web site,

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What is iPhone’s browser tag and how iPhone optimized web site is different from a usual mobile web site?



Apple has some excellent guidelines for iPhone web page development here:


From my brief reading of it, here are a key elements to look out for:

  • The way the “viewport” and scrolling works is a bit different due to the small screen size. There are custom META tags that let you adjust this automatically when someone comes to your page.
  • Beware pages that use framesets or other features that require the user to scroll different elements on the page, because the iPhone does not display scrollbars.
  • If you expect people to bookmark your page on the iPhone, there’s a custom META tag that lets you specify a 53×53 icon that will look nicer than the typical favorite.ico.
  • Avoid javascript that depends on mouse movement or hover actions to make things happen, they won’t work right on iPhone.
  • There are some custom CSS properties that allow you to adjust text size and highlight color of hyperlinks on the iPhone.
  • There are other key HTML/Javascript features that they tell you to either favor or avoid as well.
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