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I have an url path which is being generated in a web form, and is coming out something like “/foo/bar/../bar/path.aspx”, and is coming out in the generated html like this too. It should be shortened to “/foo/bar/path.aspx”.

Path.Combine didn’t fix it. Is there a function to clean this path up?


You could create a helper class which wrapped the UriBuilder class in System.Net

public static class UriHelper  {             public static string NormalizeRelativePath(string path)      {          UriBuilder _builder = new UriBuilder("http://localhost");          builder.Path = path;          return builder.Uri.AbsolutePath;      }  }  

which could then be used like this:

string url = "foo/bar/../bar/path.aspx";  Console.WriteLine(UriHelper.NormalizeRelativePath(url));  

It is a bit hacky but it would work for the specific example you gave.

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