Apache Download: Make sure that page was viewed before download

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Apache Download: Make sure that page was viewed before download,

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I want to make sure that my website’s users view a page before they start a download. If they have not looked at the page but try to hotlink to the files directly they should go to the webpage before the download is allowed.

Any suggestions that are better than my idea to send out a cookie and – before the download starts – check if the cookie exists (via .htaccess)?

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The webpage and the download files will be located on different servers.


  • Apache 2 on all machines
  • PHP 5 on all machines
  • MySQL 5 available on the “webpage” server (no access from the download servers)

Nathan asked what the problem is that I try to solve, and in fact it is that I want to prevent hotlinks from – for example – forums. If people download from our server, using our bandwidth, I want to show them an page with an ad before the download starts. It doesn’t need to be totally secure, but we need to make some money to finance the servers, right? 🙂

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Instead of allowing hotlinking to the files, store them outside of a web accessible route. Instead make download requests go to a php script that initiates the download. You can put checks in place to ensure that the requesting page was the one you wanted read.

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