Is there an ASP.NET pagination control (Not MVC)?

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Is there an ASP.NET pagination control (Not MVC)?,

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I’ve got a search results page that basically consists of a repeater with content in it. What I need is a way to paginate the results. Getting paginated results isn’t the problem, what I’m after is a web control that will display a list of the available paged data, preferably by providing the number of results and a page size


Repeaters don’t do this by default.

However, GridViews do.

Personally, I hate GridViews, so I wrote a Paging/Sorting Repeater control.

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Basic Steps:

  • Subclass the Repeater Control
  • Add a private PagedDataSource to it
  • Add a public PageSize property
  • Override Control.DataBind
    • Store the Control.DataSource in the PagedDataSource.
    • Bind the Control.DataSource to PagedDataSource
  • Override Control.Render
    • Call Base.Render()
    • Render your paging links.

For a walkthrough, you could try this link:

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