How do I dynamically create a Video object in AS2 and add it to a MovieClip?

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How do I dynamically create a Video object in AS2 and add it to a MovieClip?,

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I need to dynamically create a Video object in ActionScript 2 and add it to a movie clip. In AS3 I just do this:

var videoViewComp:UIComponent; // created elsewhere        videoView = new Video();  videoView.width = 400;  videoView.height = 400;  this.videoViewComp.addChild(videoView);  

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to accomplish this in AS2. Video isn’t a child of MovieClip, so attachMovie() doesn’t seem to be getting me anything. I don’t see any equivalent to AS3’s UIComponent.addChild() method either.

Is there any way to dynamically create a Video object in AS2 that actually shows up on the stage?

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I potentially need multiple videos at a time though. Is it possible to duplicate that video object?

I think I have another solution working. It’s not optimal, but it fits with some of the things I have to do for other components so it’s not too out of place in the project. Once I get it figured out I’ll post what I did here.


Ok, I’ve got something working.

First, I created a new Library symbol and called it “VideoWrapper”. I then added a single Video object to that with an ID of “video”.

Now, any time I need to dynamically add a Video to my state I can use MovieClip.attachMovie() to add a new copy of the Video object.

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To make things easier I wrote a VideoWrapper class that exposes basic UI element handling (setPosition(), setSize(), etc). So when dealing with the Video in regular UI layout code I just use those methods so it looks just like all my other UI elements. When dealing with the video I just access the “video” member of the class.

My actual implementation is a bit more complicated, but that’s the basics of how I got things working. I have a test app that’s playing 2 videos, one from the local camera and one streaming from FMS, and it’s working great.

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