DataTable to readable text string

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DataTable to readable text string,

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This might be a bit on the silly side of things but I need to send the contents of a DataTable (unknown columns, unknown contents) via a text e-mail. Basic idea is to loop over rows and columns and output all cell contents into a StringBuilder using .ToString().

Formatting is a big issue though. Any tips/ideas on how to make this look “readable” in a text format ?

I’m thinking on “padding” each cell with empty spaces, but I also need to split some cells into multiple lines, and this makes the StringBuilder approach a bit messy ( because the second line of text from the first column comes after the first line of text in the last column,etc.)

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Would converting the datatable to a HTML-table and sending HTML-mail be an alternative? That would make it much nicer on the receiving end if their client supports it.

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