Is there a way to highlight the target of a bookmark? (

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Is there a way to highlight the target of a bookmark? (,

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I want to link to bookmark on a page ( AND visually highlight the item that was bookmarked (maybe having a red border). Naturally, there would be multiple items bookmarked. So that if someone clicked on #bookmark2 then that other area would be highlighted).

I can see how to do that with .asp or .aspx but I’d like to do it more simply than that. I thought maybe there was a clever way to do it with CSS.

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WHY I’m interested:
– I want to have our programs link to a shopping page that lists all the programs on it. I’m using a bookmark so they’re jumping to the particular program area ( but just to make it obvious I’d like to actually highlight the page being linked to.


In your css you need to define

a.highlight {border:1px solid red;}  

or something similar

Then using jQuery,

$(document).ready ( function () { //Work as soon as the DOM is ready for parsing      var id  = location.hash.substr(1); //Get the word after the hash from the url      if (id) $('#'+id).addClass('highlight'); // add class highlight to element whose id is the word after the hash  });  

To highlight the targets on mouse over also add:

$("a[href^='#']")      .mouseover(function() {          var id  = $(this).attr('href').substr(1);          $('#'+id).addClass('highlight');      })      .mouseout(function() {          var id  = $(this).attr('href').substr(1);          $('#'+id).removeClass('highlight');      });  

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