What are the advantages/disadvantages of using a CTE?

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What are the advantages/disadvantages of using a CTE?,

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I’m looking at improving the performance of some SQL, currently CTEs are being used and referenced multiple times in the script. Would I get improvements using a table variable instead? (Can’t use a temporary table as the code is within functions).


You’ll really have to performance test – There is no Yes/No answer. As per Andy Living’s post above links to, a CTE is just shorthand for a query or subquery.

If you are calling it twice or more in the same function, you might get better performance if you fill a table variable and then join to/select from that. However, as table variables take up space somewhere, and don’t have indexes/statistics (With the exception of any declared primary key on the table variable) there’s no way of saying which will be faster.

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They both have costs and savings, and which is the best way depends on the data they pull in and what they do with it. I’ve been in your situation, and after testing for speed under various conditions – Some functions used CTEs, and others used table variables.

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