Managed OleDB provider written in C#

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Managed OleDB provider written in C#,

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An OleDB provider is a binary implementing COM interfaces provided by Microsoft. From that it seems to be possible to create a provider using C#. Is that correct? Is there a sample demonstrating that? If not, would you discourage me from doing that? I see that there are multiple unmanaged samples but I can’t find any managed.


The article is good, but doesn’t actually answer the question. OLEDB is a set of COM interfaces that could in fact be implemented in .Net via COM Interop though I’ve never heard of such an implementation and probably isn’t advisable.

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The set of OLEDB interfaces are documented by Microsoft  OLEDB is a complicated topic and not all interfaces are required to implement a functional provider. To make things worse, different OLEDB clients have the set of interfaces they require to be able to use the provider. For example, here is a  that must be implemented to use a provider from the .Net OLEDB client (System.Data.OleDb.*). Note: I didn’t find such a link for the 2.0 Framework or later. Finally it’s worth noting that it was so difficult to implement providers Microsoft later provided a set of ATL templates (C++) to help implementers do it correctly.

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To learn more about OLEDB I’d definitely recommend looking at the  on MSDN.

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