How do I specify “the word under the cursor” on VIM’s commandline?

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How do I specify “the word under the cursor” on VIM’s commandline?,

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I want to write a command that specifies “the word under the cursor” in VIM. For instance, let’s say I have the cursor on a word and I make it appear twice. For instance, if the word is “abc” and I want “abcabc” then I could type:


But then I’d like to be able to move the cursor to “def” and use the same command to change it to “defdef”:


How can I write the command in the commandline so that it does this?

:s/(*whatever is under the commandline*)/11  


While in command-line mode, CTRL+R CTRL+W will insert the word under the cursor.

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See the help for c_CTRL-R for a listing of all the other special registers:

:help c_CTRL-R  

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