How to create a non-interactive window in MFC

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How to create a non-interactive window in MFC,

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In my application I have a window which I popup with small messages on it (think similar to tooltip). This window uses the layered attributes to draw alpha backgrounds etc.

If I have several of these windows open at once, and I click one with my mouse, when they disappear they cause my application to lose focus (it switches focus to the app behind the current one).

How do I stop any interaction in my window?


After playing with the WM_NCACTIVATE message with no luck, I overrode the WM_SETFOCUS message:

void CMyWindow::OnSetFocus(CWnd* pOldWnd)  {      if (pOldWnd != NULL)      {          pOldWnd->SetFocus();      }  }  

That seems to do the trick. No idea why it works though! Comments welcome on that issue.

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