Open source or low cost “log shipping” program

Question :

Open source or low cost “log shipping” program,

Answer :

I have written a log shipping program a number of times. It is a simple program that is used to maintain a warm fail over box for SQL Server.

It has two pieces. On the live dB server it:

  • Does full and transaction backups and removes old files

On the backup server it:

  • Copies the backups from the live box
  • Restores the backups or trans into databases that are set to recovery
  • zips the backups
  • deletes them based on retention
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If there is a failure, the program can go through each database on the backup server and set them to active.

I am looking for an open source or low cost program that does this.


MS SQL server 2005 and 2008 already support this.

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