Autoupdating .net applications

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Autoupdating .net applications,

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I’ve written 2 reasonably large scale apps in .net so far, and both of them have needed an updating facility to automatically update the application when I roll out new code.

I’ve found the ‘Enterprise application block updater’ a bit too complex for my needs, and I’ve found ‘click once’ frustrating when it comes to publishing.

The most adequate updating code I’ve found is the .which I’ve used for both projects. I’ve had to modify it recently because it uses web dav, which isn’t always installed on our web servers (it still needs directory browsing, however).

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I’m surprised that there isn’t more on the web about automatically updating applications, and was wondering whether people have had success with any other methods than the ones mentioned above?


See the answers to : a few auto-update frameworks were recommended there which are designed for (or work with) .net apps:

  • (which you mention)

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