Windows packet sniffer that can capture loopback traffic?

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Windows packet sniffer that can capture loopback traffic?,

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(This is a followup to my about measuring .NET remoting traffic.)

When I am testing our Windows service / service controller GUI combination, it is often most convenient to run both pieces on my development box. With this setup, the remoting traffic between the two is via loopback, not through the Ethernet card.

Are there any software packet sniffers that can capture loopback traffic on a WinXP machine?  is a great package, but it can only capture external traffic on a Windows machine, not loopback.

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What you should do is to run RawCap, which is a sniffer that can capture traffic to/from the loopback interface in Windows. Just start it with “RawCap.exe loopback.pcap”.

You can then open up loopback.pcap in Wireshark or to look at the network traffic.

You can find RawCap here:

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