How can I manage OSGi build dependencies?

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How can I manage OSGi build dependencies?,

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We’ve embedded an OSGi runtime (Equinox) into out custom client-server application to facilitate plugin development and so far things are going great. We’ve been using Eclipse to build plugins due to the built-in manifest editor, dependency management, and export wizard. Using Eclipse to manager builds isn’t very conducive to continuous integration via Hudson.

We have OSGi bundles which depend on other OSGi bundles. I’d really hate to hardcode build order in a custom ANT build. We’ve done this is the past and it’s pretty horrible. Is there any build tool that can EASILY manage OSGi dependencies, if not automatically resolve them? Are there any DECENT examples of how to this?

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The generated build scripts are only usable via Eclipse. They require manually running pieces of Eclipse. We’ve also got some standard targets which the Eclipse build won’t have, and I don’t want to modify the generated file since I may regenerate (I know I can do includes, but I want to avoid the Eclipse gen file all together)

Here is my project layout:

/  -PluginA  -PluginB  -PluginC  .  .  .  

In using the Eclipse PDE, each plugin has a Manifest, but no build.xml as the PDE does that for me. Hard to automate a gui driven process w/ Hudson. I’d like to setup my own build.xml to build each, BUT there are dependencies and build order issues. These issues are driven by the Manifest files (which describe OSGi imports). For example, PluginC depends on PluginB which depends on PluginA. They must be built in the correct order. I realize that I can manually control the build order, I’m looking for a tool to help automate the build order dependency management.

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Maven2 all the way; has an Eclipse plugin calledto help with managing it, solves exactly the dependency problem and then some. Has a

Specifically look at for bundling many components together and have Maven work out the build order and dependencies.

There is also a

And that is just Eclipse and Maven, next you get some cool goodies for OSGi:

  • The will auto-generate your manifests or at the very least help you
  • The and their Maven plugins can be a great help in bootstrapping projects, providing launchers, etc
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And just fundamentally, the Maven module model fits perfectly with OSGi’s bundle model. We’ve been building and managing multiple products with hundreds of bundles using Maven for more than 3 years now and it’s great.

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