Firefox add-ons

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Firefox add-ons,

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What Firefox add-ons do you use that are useful for programmers?


I guess it’s silly to mention Firebug — doubt any of us could live without it. Other than that I use the following (only listing dev-related):

  • Console2: next-generation error console
  • DOM inspector: as the title might indicate, allows you to browse the DOM
  • Edit Cookies: change cookies on the fly
  • Execute JS: ad-hoc Javascript execution
  • IE Tab: render a page in IE
  • Inspect This: brings the selected object into the DOM inspector
  • JSView: display linked javascript and CSS
  • LORI (Life of Request Info): shows how long it takes to render a page
  • Measure IT: a popup ruler.
  • URL Params: shows GET and POST variables
  • Web Developer: a myriad of tools for the web developer
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