Using Virtual PC for Web Development with Oracle

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Using Virtual PC for Web Development with Oracle,

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Is anyone using Virtual PC to maintain multiple large .NET 1.1 and 2.0 websites? Are there any lessons learned? I used Virtual PC recently with a small WinForms app and it worked great, but then everything works great with WinForms. ASP.NET development hogs way more resources, requires IIS to be running, requires a ridiculously long wait after recompilations, etc., so I’m a little concerned. And I’ll also be using Oracle, if that makes any difference.

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Also, is there any real reason to use VM Ware instead of Virtual PC?


I’ve used VirtualPCs for a few years for development of some fairly hefty web apps without much problem. Lots of RAM is important. I keep my VPCs on an external USB drive and they perform great from there. This gives me the flexibility to take the drive with me if I need to do work somewhere else… just install VPC on a host plug in the USB drive and start coding.

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For servers, we use VMWare and have had little to no trouble with it.

Recently I went back to working on my local machine as you lose the benefit of dual monitors with VPCs, and I don’t need to be as mobile as I used to.

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