RESTful web services and HTTP verbs

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RESTful web services and HTTP verbs,

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What is the minimum set of HTTP verbs that a server should allow for a web service to be classed as RESTful?

What if my hoster doesn’t permit PUT and DELETE?

Is this actually important, can I live happily ever after with just GET and POST ?

Update: Thanks for the answers folks, was probably best because of the link to the Bill Venners and Elliotte Rusty Harold interview. I now get it.


Yes, you can live without PUT and DELETE.

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This article tells you why:

While to true RESTafrians this may be heresy, in the real world you do what you can, with what you have. Be as rational as you can and as consistent with your own convention as you can, but you can definitely build a good RESTful system without P and D.


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