Get application name from Windows XP cut and paste?

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Get application name from Windows XP cut and paste?,

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This is a bit of a long shot, but if anyone can figure it out, you guys can…

In Windows XP, is there any meta-data that comes with a cut and paste action, from which I can ascertain the application that provided the clipboard contents?

Bonus question… if there is such information, is there any way I can access it through a Java app?


The API function GetClipboardOwner returns the clipboard owner
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Don’t know Java, I suppose you can call native API functions from inside the Java VM.

A “quick and dirty” approach could be using an script to intercept the CTRL+C / CTRL+INS hotkeys, grab the id of the active process (in a file or any place that can be accessed by the Java app) and proceed with the clipboard copy. The AutoHotKey part shouldn’t be difficult, don’t know about the Java part.

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