What is the best way to go from Java/C# to C++?

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What is the best way to go from Java/C# to C++?,

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At my university most of my classes have been in Java. I have also recently learned C# (and the Visual Studio environment) at a summer internship. Now I’m taking an Intro to Computer Graphics class and the grad student teaching the class prefers us to use C++ to access the OpenGL bindings via GLUT.

Does anyone have any good resources on how to make a good transition from Java/C# to C++? Obviously pointers are going to be a big issue, but any other things I should be looking out for? Any tutorials, guides, etc. would be very helpful!

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Yeah, I got bit by the same bug. The university tended to lean on Java, and then allowed you to choose the language you wanted to work with during projects.

The best way is to just jump in. Start small, take baby steps, and just Google things that confuse you when you get there. Also find projects that have released their source code. See how they structure their programs. Basically, just tinker with concepts. There is plenty of information around the web.

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Make it fun and grab a  so it doesn’t become mind numbing too quickly.

Here’s some places that I found useful while learning

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