Dynamic Alphabetical Navigation

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Dynamic Alphabetical Navigation,

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I’m using ColdFusion to return a result set from a SQL database and turn it into a list.

I need some way to generate an alphabetical navigation bar for that list. I have ColdFusion and the jQuery library available.

I’m looking to generate something like this:

A | B | C | ...        - A  - A  - B  - B  - B  - C  - D  

Where clicking on one of the letters drops you down the page to the first item for that letter. Not all 26 letters of the alphabet are necessarily in use.


To generate the navigation bar, you could do something like this:

        #chr(i)#      |      

(CFLOOP doesn’t work on characters, so you have to convert to ascii codes and back.)

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To display the items in your query you could do something like this.


#ucase(left(data.name, 1))#


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