Java and C# interoperability

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Java and C# interoperability,

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I have two programs. One is in C# and another one in Java.
Those programs will, most probably, always run on the same machine.

What would be the best way to let them talk to each other?

So, to clarify the problem:

This is a personal project (so professional/costly libraries are a no go).
The message volume is low, there will be about 1 to 2 messages per second.
The messages are small, a few primitive types should do the trick.
I would like to keep the complexity low.
The java application is deployed as a single jar as a plugin for another application. So the less external libraries I have to merge, the better.
I have total control over the C# application.
As said earlier, both application have to run on the same computer.
Right now, my solution would be to use sockets with some sort of csv-like format.

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I am author of, open source interprocess bridge between JVM and CLR. It’s build on top of JNI and PInvoke. No C/C++ code needed. I hope it will help you.

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