How do you handle white space in your HTML

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How do you handle white space in your HTML,

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One of my biggest typographical frustrations about HTML is the way that it mangles conjoined whitespace. For example if I have:

Following punctuation rules.  With two spaces after the period.    

One of the two spaces following the period will be considered to be insignificant whitespace and be removed. I can of course, force the whitespace to be significant with:

Following punctuation rules.  With two spaces after the period.    

but it just irks me to have to do that and I usually don’t bother. Does anyone out there automatically insert significant whitespace into external content submissions that are intended for a web page?

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If you really want your white space to be preserved, try the css property: white-space: pre;

Or, you could just use a

 tag in your markup.

By the way, it’s a good thing that HTML browsers ignore white space in general, it allows us to have clearly formatted source code, without affecting the output.

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