Retrieving the PC Name of a Client? (Windows Auth)

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Retrieving the PC Name of a Client? (Windows Auth),

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I have an Application that runs on the internal network (well, actually it’s running on Sharepoint 2007).

I just wonder:

Can I somehow retrieve the name of the PC the Client is using? I would have access to Active Directory if that helps. The thing is, people use multiple PCs. So, I cannot use any manual/static mapping.

If possible, I do not want to use any client-side (read: JavaScript) code, but if it cannot be done server-side, JavaScript would be OK as well. ActiveX is absolutely out of question.

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as suggested in  just returns the IP 🙁

But I just found this:


That only works if there is actually a DNS Server to resolve the name, which is the case for my network.

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