Getting UI text from external app in C#

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Getting UI text from external app in C#,

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Is it possible to get UI text from an external application in C#.

In particular, is there a way to read Unicode text from a label (I assume it’s a normal Windows label control) from an external Win32 app that was written by a 3rd party? The text is visible, but not selectable by mouse in the UI.

I assume there is some accessibility API (e.g. meant for screen readers) that allows this.

Edit: Currently looking into using something like the but would still appreciate any other leads

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If you just care about the standard Win32 label, thenwill work fine, as outlined in the other answers.

There is an accessibility API –  – for standard labels, it too uses WM_GETTEXT behind the scenes. One advantage to it, however, is that it can get text from several other types of controls, including most system controls, and often UI using non-system controls – including WPF, text in IE and Firefox, and others.

// compile as:  // csc file.cs /r:UIAutomationClient.dll /r:UIAutomationTypes.dll /r:WindowsBase.dll  using System.Windows.Automation;  using System.Windows.Forms;  using System;    class Test  {      public static void Main()      {          // Get element under pointer. You can also get an AutomationElement from a              // HWND handle, or by navigating the UI tree.          System.Drawing.Point pt = Cursor.Position;          AutomationElement el = AutomationElement.FromPoint(new System.Windows.Point(pt.X, pt.Y));          // Prints its name - often the context, but would be corresponding label text for editable controls. Can also get the type of control, location, and other properties.          Console.WriteLine( el.Current.Name );      }  }  

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