How should I structure a Java application, where do I put my classes?

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How should I structure a Java application, where do I put my classes?,

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First of all, I know how to build a Java application. But I have always been puzzled about where to put my classes. There are proponents for organizing the packages in a strictly domain oriented fashion, others separate by tier.

I myself have always had problems with

  • naming,
  • placing


  1. Where do you put your domain specific constants (and what is the best name for such a class)?
  2. Where do you put classes for stuff which is both infrastructural and domain specific (for instance I have a FileStorageStrategy class, which stores the files either in the database, or alternatively in database)?
  3. Where to put Exceptions?
  4. Are there any standards to which I can refer?
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I’ve really come to like Maven’s

One of the key ideas for me is to have two source roots – one for production code and one for test code like so:

MyProject/src/main/java/com/acme/  MyProject/src/test/java/com/acme/  

(here, both src/main/java and src/test/java are source roots).


  • Your tests have package (or “default”) level access to your classes under test.
  • You can easily package only your production sources into a JAR by dropping src/test/java as a source root.

One rule of thumb about class placement and packages:

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Generally speaking, well structured projects will be free of  Learn when they are bad (and when they are not), and consider a tool like or  that will help you eliminate them.

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