Cannot add WebViewer of ActiveReports to an ASP.NET page

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Cannot add WebViewer of ActiveReports to an ASP.NET page,

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I installed ActiveReports from their site. The version was labeled as .NET 2.0 build 5.2.1013.2 (for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008). I have an ASP.NET project in VS 2008 which has 2.0 as target framework. I added all the tools in the DataDynamics namespace to the toolbox, created a new project, added a new report.

When I drag and drop the WebViewer control to a page in the design view, nothing happens. No mark up is added, no report viewer is displayed on the page. Also I noticed that there are no tags related to DataDynamics components in my web.config file. Am I missing some configuration?

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I think I found the reason. While trying to get this work, I think I installed another version of the package that removed or deactivated my current version. The control I was dropping on the form belonged to the older version that had no assemblies referenced. I removed all installations of ActiveReports, installed the last version and cleaned up the toolbox. I added the latest version of the WebViewer to toolbox and dropped it on the form. It worked.

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