What is the value-binding syntax in xaml?

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What is the value-binding syntax in xaml?,

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I’m getting all learned up about binding in WPF. I’m having a lot of trouble debugging the parse errors in my xaml, though. Can somebody pretty please tell me what’s wrong with this little piece? :


It’s the databinding that breaks. I get an InvalidAttributeValue exception for ThumbKnob.Height when I try to run this. I know I must be missing something fundamental. So fill me in, stackers, and my gratitude will be boundless.

Changing the ElementName didn’t help. There must me something else I’m not getting.

I should mention that I’m testing this in Silverlight. The exact message I’m getting out of Internet Explorer is:

XamlParseException: Invalid attribute value for property Height.

This whole thing is inside a ControlTemplate. I’m making a slider control just to teach myself the concepts.


The ElementName property on a Binding is not supported in Silverlight.

You will notice, if you go into the code behind or inspect the Binding object in class explorer, it doesn’t have a property named ElementName.

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