VMWare Server Under Linux Secondary NIC connection

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VMWare Server Under Linux Secondary NIC connection,

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With VMWare Server running under Linux (Debain), I would like to have the following setup:

  • 1st: NIC being used by many of the
    images running under VMWare, as well
    as being used by the Linux OS
  • 2nd: NIC being used by only 1 image and to be unused by the Linux OS (as its part of a DMZ)

Although the second NIC won’t be used by Linux, it is certainly recognised as a NIC (e.g. eth1).

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Is this possible under VMWare Server, and if so, is it as simple as not binding eth1 under Linux and then bridging it to the image under VMWare Server?


I believe you can set the desired solution up by rerunning the vmware configuration script. And doing a custom network setup, so that both NIC’s are mapped to your vmware instance. I would recommend making eth0 the 2nd NIC since it will be easier for Linux to use by default. Then make eth1 the 1st NIC.

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