What rule engine should I use?

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What rule engine should I use?,

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What are some of the best or most popular rule engines? I haven’t settled on a programming language, so tell me the rule engine and what programming languages it supports.


I am one of the authors of Drools, I will avoid pimping my wares.

But some other options are Jess (not open source) but uses the clips syntax (which we also support a subset of) – which is kinda a lisp dialect.

It really depends what you want it for, Haley have strong Natural language tech (and they recently aquired RuleBurst – who has also interesting natural language tech which could deal with word documents with embedded rules – eg legal documentation). RuleBurst was able to target .Net runtimes as well (there is a Drools.net “port” available as well – I haven’t seen what it has been up to lately, alas, not enough time). Ok I will put my pimp bling away now… sorry about that.

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