Generate sitemap on the fly

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Generate sitemap on the fly,

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I’m trying to generate a sitemap.xml on the fly for a particular website.

I found a couple solutions:

Chinookwebs is working great but seems a bit inactive right now and it’s impossible to personalize the “priority” and the “changefreq” tags of each and every page, they all inherit the same value from the config file.

What solutions do you guys use?


Usually you’ll use an for this. Given a request for…


…your handler will respond with a formatted XML sitemap. Whether that sitemap is generated on the fly, from a database, or some other method is up to the HTTP Handler implementation.

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Here’s roughly what it would look like:

void IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)  {      //      // Important to return qualified XML (text/xml) for sitemaps      //      context.Response.ClearHeaders();      context.Response.ClearContent();      context.Response.ContentType = "text/xml";      //      // Create an XML writer      //      XmlTextWriter writer = new XmlTextWriter(context.Response.Output);      writer.WriteStartDocument();      writer.WriteStartElement("urlset", "");      //      // Now add entries for individual pages..      //      writer.WriteStartElement("url");      writer.WriteElementString("loc", "");      // use W3 date format..      writer.WriteElementString("lastmod", postDate.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd"));      writer.WriteElementString("changefreq", "daily");      writer.WriteElementString("priority", "1.0");      writer.WriteEndElement();      //      // Close everything out and go home.      //      result.WriteEndElement();      result.WriteEndDocument();      writer.Flush();  }  

This code can be improved but that’s the basic idea.

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