How do you create a static class in C++?

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How do you create a static class in C++?,

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How do you create a static class in C++? I should be able to do something like:

cout << "bit 5 is " << BitParser::getBitAt(buffer, 5) << endl;  

Assuming I created the BitParser class. What would the BitParser class definition look like?


If you’re looking for a way of applying the “static” keyword to a class, like you can in C# for example, then you won’t be able to without using Managed C++.

But the looks of your sample, you just need to create a public static method on your BitParser object. Like so:

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class BitParser  {   public:    static bool getBitAt(int buffer, int bitIndex);      // ...lots of great stuff     private:    // Disallow creating an instance of this object    BitParser() {}  };  


bool BitParser::getBitAt(int buffer, int bitIndex)  {    bool isBitSet = false;    // .. determine if bit is set    return isBitSet;  }  

You can use this code to call the method in the same way as your example code.

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