Subversion and web development

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Subversion and web development,

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I’m introducing Subversion into our web shop. I want to want the checked in files to be uploaded into the server via FTP (and as they get use to Subversion, via SFTP). The files are sent to a release candidate page for testing purposes. A script can be called to move the files into production.

My question is this: How do you transfer the files to the server via Subversion? Is there a script I can add that will do the transfer when the files are checked in?

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If you have shell access to your sever, and SVN installed on it (or the ability to install SVN), then your best bet may be just to bypass FTP entirely.

How we deploy our apps is (simplified)

  • Developers write code and check it into trunk
  • Periodically, when trunk is stable, we will take a snapshot of it as a tag
  • On the server, svn checkout the tag

If any changes need to be made to the server (or directly on the live server itself) it is trivial to use subversion to sync the code

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