Debugging JavaScript in Internet Explorer and Safari

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Debugging JavaScript in Internet Explorer and Safari,

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Currently, I don’t really have a good method of debugging JavaScript in Internet Explorer and . In Firefox, you can use and  However, this doesn’t help me when I move to other browsers.


For Safari you need to enable the “Develop” menu via Preferences (in Safari 3.1; see   or via

$ defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1  

at the terminal in Mac OS X. Then from the Develop menu choose Show Web Inspector and click on the Console link. Your script can write to the console using window.console.log.

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For Internet Explorer, Visual Studio is really the best script debugger but the Microsoft Script Debugger is okay if you don’t have Visual Studio. walks you through installing it and connecting to Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 8  like it will have a very fancy script debugger, so if you’re feeling really adventurous you could install the Internet Explorer 8 beta and give that a whirl.

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