MSVC6: Breakpoint stops program

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MSVC6: Breakpoint stops program,

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Using Microsoft Visual Studio 98, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 SP6

When running under the debugger, there’s only one problem. If I pause the program and resume, everything’s fine.

The problem? When I hit a breakpoint, my program stops. But not in a good way; execution halts, I’m thrown out of debug mode into edit mode. All’s fine until a breakpoint is hit. And I know it’s hitting the breakpoint – I see a flash of the little yellow arrow pointing at the right line of code, local variables in the inspect window and the call stack in that window. And then I’m staring at the editor.

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This happens in all projects.

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed MSVC6. It didn’t help.

I’m about to start over on a new PC; before I go that far, anyone know what I’ve done to this one?

Note: MSVC6 is not my choice, but there are reasons. It’s the tool I work with. And, we get to target NT4, so given 2008 can’t target NT4 and 2005 has issues with MFC and NT4, MSVC6 it is.

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