Learning Version Control, and learning it well

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Learning Version Control, and learning it well,

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Where should I start learning about version control systems? I’ve used SVN, Team Foundation, and Sourcesafe in the past but I don’t really feel like I grasp it completely, and my team doesn’t seem to grasp it either.

Which points are the most important to master? I realise this differs from VCS to VCS, but for the sake of this question we can assume that Subversion is the VCS I’m the most interested in learning about.

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Also, if you could, please recommend any books on the subject that you find useful.


The wikipedia article on Revision Control is a great place to start


When trying to teach my colleagues, I found getting him to understand the vocabulary at the end was a great way to start to introduce him to source code control techniques.

Don’t know what a branch is? Go find out and how they work 🙂

There’s a free online subversion book at which provides an invaluable reference.

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