iPhone web applications, templates, frameworks?

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iPhone web applications, templates, frameworks?,

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Does anyone have any good starting points for me when looking at making web pages/sites/applications specifically for viewing on the iPhone?

I’ve looked at templates like the one has made, and also seen some templates I can purchase, which I haven’t done yet.

I figured someone else had already started on this track and decided that I could probably leech on their newfound knowledge 🙂

So, does anyone have any pointers? I’m well aware of the problem that the more such a template/framework makes a web app look like a native iPhone app, the more likely I’m going to get into trouble because it just isn’t, but for now I want a framework I can start building on, and then in the process figure out how to make it distinctive enough to be perceived as a web app as well as looking like a native iPhone application.

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Specifically I’m looking for features like:

  • stylesheets set up, or pointers to how to do them for iPhone
  • page flipping animation, ie. pick an item in a list, list scrolls out of view to the left and information for item scrolls in from the right
  • the animation part would have to work with dynamic pages, ie. not just one big page that has divs set up for each sub-item, which at least one such framework had as a sort of quick fix, I would need to have list item picking load the page for that item, and then when loaded, scroll to it
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Edit: To avoid people reading only the question and answering, before reading my other reply, I’ll add my clarification for GPL licensing and similar issues here.

The framework I need to use can not be distributed under a license which would require me to license my own project out under a similar license. The GPL family of licenses allows for exceptions regarding library usage, but this won’t apply to this since by necessity, the kind of framework I would need to use would be all source code.

The project can easily accomodate commercial libraries.

Also, I don’t need a library or a framework as such, example files that look good and aren’t overly obfuscated would be welcome as well.

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I found  on Google Code the other day. Haven’t had a chance to try it out but it looks promising.

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