Best implementation for Key Value Pair Data Structure?

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Best implementation for Key Value Pair Data Structure?,

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So I’ve been poking around with C# a bit lately, and all the Generic Collections have me a little confused. Say I wanted to represent a data structure where the head of a tree was a key value pair, and then there is one optional list of key value pairs below that (but no more levels than these). Would this be suitable?

public class TokenTree  {      public TokenTree()      {          /* I must admit to not fully understanding this,           * I got it from msdn. As far as I can tell, IDictionary is an           * interface, and Dictionary is the default implementation of           * that interface, right?           */          SubPairs = new Dictionary();      }        public string Key;      public string Value;      public IDictionary SubPairs;  }  

It’s only really a simple shunt for passing around data.


There is an actual Data Type called KeyValuePair, use like this

KeyValuePair myKeyValuePair = new KeyValuePair("defaultkey", "defaultvalue");  

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