Document or RPC based web services

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Document or RPC based web services,

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My gut feel is that document based web services are preferred in practice – is this other peoples experience? Are they easier to support? (I noted that SharePoint uses Any for the “document type” in its WSDL interface, I guess that makes it Document based).

Also – are people offering both WSDL and Rest type services now for the same functionality? WSDL is popular for code generation, but for front ends like PHP and Rails they seem to prefer rest.


Document versus RPC is only a question if you are using SOAP Web Services which require a service description (). RESTful web services do not not use WSDL because the service can’t be described by it, and the feeling is that REST is simpler and easier to understand. Some people have proposed  as a way to describe REST services.

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Languages like Python, Ruby and PHP make it easier to work with REST. the WSDL is used to generate C# code (a web service proxy) that can be easily called from a static language. This happens when you add a Service Reference or Web Reference in Visual Studio.

Whether you provide SOAP or REST services depends on your user population. Whether the services are to be used over the internet or just inside your organization affects your choice. SOAP may have some features (WS-* standards) that work well for B2B or internal use, but suck for an internet service.

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Document/literal versus RPC for SOAP services are described on this Document/literal is generally considered the best to use in terms of interoperability (Java to .NET etc). As to whether it is easier to support, that depends on your circumstances. My personal view is that people tend to make this stuff more complicated than it needs to be, and REST’s simpler approach is superior.

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