Can I specify a class wide group on a TestNG test case?

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Can I specify a class wide group on a TestNG test case?,

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I have a base class that represents a database test in TestNG, and I want to specify that all classes extending from this class are of a group “db-test”, however I have found that this doesn’t seem possible. I have tried the @Test annotation:

@Test(groups = { "db-test" })  public class DBTestBase {  }  

However, this doesn’t work because the @Test annotation will try to make a bunch of methods into tests, and warnings/errors pop up in eclipse when the tests are run.

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So I tried disabling the test, so at least the groups are assigned:

@Test(enabled = false, groups = { "db-test" })  public class DBTestBase {  }  

but then any @BeforeTest (and other similar annotations) ALSO get disabled… which is of course not what I want.

I would like some way to annotate a class as being of a particular type of group, but it doesn’t quite seem possible in TestNG. Does anyone have any other ideas?


TestNG will run all the public methods from a class with a @Test annotation. Maybe you could change the methods you don’t want TestNG to run to be non-public

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